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The acupuncture services are provided by the renowned acupuncturist to treat pain, obesity, anxiety, emotional and mental issues and addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances without medications. The services help the patient to get relief in few sessions without depending on the medicine. The acupuncture is a safest and no- side effect treatment for numerous physical, emotional and mental ailments.

Acupuncture Therapists

The services are provided the highly experienced and acclaimed acupuncturists led by the renowned acupuncturist, whose achievements are recorded in the Limca book of records. The president award winner acupuncturist has treated leading Bollywood actors and models. Besides countless physical, emotional and mental ailments, the acupuncture services help clients suffering from allergy.

Acupuncture Doctors

The highly qualified and experienced acupuncturist is gold medallist in an international conference and national record holder in the Limca book of records and also president awardee. The acupuncturist doctor can be consulted to avoid surgery and get painless treatment for knee replacement hip replacement and vascular blockage and cardiac bypass.

Auricular Acupuncture Doctors

The patients suffering from various emotional physical and allergies can be cured by the insertion of fine needles in the various part of the ear. The insertion is done on upper skin level and causes no pain. The treatment is totally safe and gives excellent results in few sessions depending on nature of the disease.

Psychological Doctor

The services of the psychological doctor help the clients to deal with mental stress, anxiety, mood swing, depression due to various reasons and deal with issues of marital discord, profession relegated issues, separation, and misunderstanding with partner or relationship issues in the cordial and confidential manner. The services help the client to find the positive side of the issues and deal with them satisfactorily.

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The safe and secure acupunture treatment is provided for a lot of physical, mental and emotional issues from a highly experienced and president of India award winner acupunturist . The services are an effective solution to pains , arthrites , frozen sholder , neck pain , back pain and depression and anxiety, etc.

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